A little bit of sunny Greece in the heart of Vilnius!

About us

Translated from Greek, Kalimera means good morning or good day! So in this way we invite everyone to warmly greet and taste authentic Greek cuisine. Kalimera is run by the Greek born Nikos, who knows how to make exceptionallly fast Greek food. The thoughtfully arranged colorful menu ranges from fresh home-marinated Gyro meat, grilled souvlaki, traditional bifteki and halloumi cheese to rustic Greek salads, premium feta and homemade tzatziki sauce from real Greek yogurt.And of course cold frappe are made to perfection!
KALIMERA – the concept of fresh and delicious fast Greek food!
Best food delivery in Vilnius
on Restaurant Guru 2020


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Our ingredients

Our pita bread

Our pita bread is hand made product of Greece imported from our partners, company with more than 50 years experience. Made with passion!

Our handmade sauces

Our hand made Tzatziki , a spicy sauce, is made from 100% Greek "drained" yogurt "στραγγιστό γιαούρτι", which is made exclusively from fresh Greek milk.

Our Feta and Halloumi cheeses

Of course only a true Greek feta with P.D.O ( Protected Designation of Origin ). We love feta very much and recommend it to you! Halloumi from Cyprus grilled fresh on spot every day. Pleasantly salty and very tasty.

Our meat

Every day we cut and preparing ourselves, marinate pork, chicken and matured beef. Everything is fresh and according to the Greek recipes of our owner Nikos region.

Our olive oil and olives

Our extra virgin high quality olive oil and olives are from Geece.

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